National Knife Day 2020 Knife Offer

National knife day surely the best way to celebrate this amazing tools in a year. This year 24th August will be the national knife day. The knife lover people surely upload their latest knife pictures on social media. This day started at least 100 years ago. Though the exact day or year from when originates is not found when the day become only the day for the knife lovers. To commemorate this day knife brands has a special offer to the customers, new arrival has launched and special program too. Let us see the latest offer for this special day



SMKW gives a big offer for National Knife Day 2020! $1,000 is up for grabs! SMKW is giving away 7 amazing shopping sprees!

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BladeHQ offers,
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To celebrate National Knife Day, Blade Magazine is offering 40% off KNIVES 2020: Special Edition. Why you must buy this magazine; Here’s the reason of being exclusive:

-Hardcover Mag
-Limited print run: only 250 copies made
-An exclusive stamp featuring a serialized number (1/250, 2/250, 3/250, etc.)
-A special section about BLADE Show and the Cutlery Hall of Fame

Why National Knife Day

In the earliest era, Knife was only used to cut down trees, hunting, fishing, or weaponry uses. But, things began to change since the beginning of the progressive era. Knives have so many uses in our present life. From preparing foods in kitchen to using to patients for medical purposes – knife has taken over almost every segment of our life.

In order to show respect and appreciation to this small tool, August 24 came by.

A man without a knife is a man without a life“.

Perhaps this quote shows a glimpse of the importance of having a knife.

On the other hand, at first, knives were originally made of rock, bone, obsidian, etc. type of things. But, the ingredients of knives started to change significantly since the dawn of modern times. As with the technology advancement, the materials of knives become bronze, iron, copper, steel, titanium, etc. There is always a unique version of a knife in each culture in every region. There are many cultures where knife used in the form of rituals, religious works, and superstitions. Moreover, this tool is also used in important fields like agricultural or food harvesting tasks.

Final Verdict

So, it’s pretty much clear that the knife is indeed one of the primary and necessary tools of our life. Therefore, it’s a great thing to celebrate this day. To commemorate this day in the best way, let’s cut a cake and enjoy the chops through a knife. Isn’t it interesting and a great way of tribute! Another thing we can do on this day by saying our pals today “Have a Knife Day” instead of saying have a nice day!

So, which knives are you going to Buy or prefer to carry on this special occasion?



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