The 12 Best Fixed blade knives for 2020

On the market always you will get many kinds of knives. Some can be a constantly fixed blade while others are folding or something else. For such a lot of reasons, the fixed blade knives continually get the love in comparison to many other options with regards to knives.

You probably seeking out a tactical knife, one for hunting or some other reason. Checking out the fixed blade knives could provide you with an idea of the exceptional one to pick. Whenever you do a simple search on-line of fixed blade knives, you may get tens of millions of results. Hunting knives, Bowie knives, kitchen knives, tactical knives, skinning knives and everything in between there is a huge variety of fixed blade knives. Infact, Fixed Blade knives is handy for hunting, camping, operating, Crocodile dundee-ing, or just a simple EDC, fixed blade knives do it all.


So, how do you even choose the satisfactory and best fixed blade knife?


We get to inform you extra about the first-rate fixed blade knife in the marketplace 2020 right now and tell you which ones to pick out. Best Fixed Blade Knives on the Market in 2020 based on their performance is listed below which will help you to buy your targeted one:


Buck Knives 0119 Special Fixed Blade Knife: [See latest Price & Rating on Amazon]


This a great knife that you could get these days for yourself if you are seeking out a top overall performance knife. Its design makes the version to work even first-rate. You will continually locate extra people going for it. The best component is that the knife is still affordable.


The razor sharp clip point blade should give you more self-assurance that the knife will work extraordinary. The manufacturer used the 420HC steel to make this blade. The steel material is essential for the great durability of the knife. You can now locate the knife working brilliant with ease usually. You in no way must worry that the knife will no longer paintings.


The reality that it can keep is aspect for longer, it manner it will now not get dull effortlessly. No one desires to keep sharpening the edges of their knives. The overall production also maintains the blade looking exceptional with no troubles which include corrosion.


The cushy grip on the opposite hand should assist with the performance also. You by no means ought to worry about the use of the knife on diverse occasions. The grip you get will allow you easily to reduce through numerous things.


The overall layout gives you the quality mixture of the great quality and beauty. There is not any doubt you will experience using this form of knife today.




Comfortable grip

Convenient to carry

Razor Sharp Knife



The handle easily falls apart

2) ESEE 6P-B Plain Edge Fixed Blade Survival Knife: [see price & ratings on amazon]



This undeniable edge comes with a layout that ought to make locating use for it clean. If you have a look at the design of the blade, there’s a space without a sharp area just earlier than the handle. This is a protection feature essential to maintain from hurting the hands in case they slip onto the blade.


The blade is made the use of the 1095 carbon metal. This type of steel is extraordinary with regards to durability. It can get pretty a beating and it will nevertheless work. Also the thickness is just within the proper tolerance in an effort to have a smooth time the use of.


The model functions a complete tang design. This means that despite the fact that the cope with breaks, you may still use the knife effectively. You also get a pleasant metal on the end you can use as a hammer with ease. You ought to use it to break someday like maybe when you are stuck in a car.


The take care of is made in a way that conforms to the user’s hand. This gives you the capacity to cut with ease. Also, it feels comfortable. The consolation is due to the linen MI-carta fabric used to make it. It isn’t just comfortable; it also offers an impressive grip.




Razor Sharp

Design with full tang




Not the best to use with Ferro rod

3) Buck Knives o822BKX Sentry Fixed Blade Tactical Knife: [see latest price and ratings on amazon]



The version comes with a number of top capabilities that makes it great. There are serrations on the back quit of the knife. This ought to provide you with the overall performance features that you want when shopping for a knife. It should be able to cut thru various sorts of materials with ease.


The complete tang blade blended with the blade defend must make the knife easy to use. The edge continues you from having a coincidence with the knife and for that reason great. You can even love the manner the model is reliable. It will come up with the overall performance you have usually wanted.


The construction is primarily based on the 420H steel. This sort of steel gives you notable electricity wished for higher durability. You will discover that the blade has an extraordinary blade retention capability too. The black traction coating ought to assist to hold it working for longer.


The handle is simple, however functional. You will like the way it helps you easily achieve the overall performance you have continually wanted. The bolded nylon black cope with will similarly come up with a sure grip.


To make it easy so one can carry around, it comes with the heavy obligation MOLLE sheath. This type of sheath must also last just so long as the knife.




Sheath is impressive

Strong Construction

Impressive edge retention



The Serrations are a bit dull

4) Tops TPHPFARMINI BRK Mini Hoffman harpoon [Check latest price & rating on Amazon]



If you are looking for a version with a different technique to being a knife, then you definitely have to check this out. It is one among the first-rate knives you could get today for numerous uses. Those who’ve attempted it will constantly advocate it for trekking or tenting activities. It need to be safe to say that it supplies on overall performance.


The steel blade goes to work extremely good with regards to ordinary functionality. You can without problems reduce through various things since it keeps its sharp part for longer. Such a first rate performance is continually going to enchantment to as many humans as possible.


The handle however is a piece different. Instead of the usual leather-based or rubber cover, it comes with a Para cord wrap. The wire is wrapped around to present you the handle. We have to admit that it looks extremely good. As lots as it might attraction to many, the comfort may not always be the best. This is in particular when the use of it for lengthy hours.


The overall period of 5.five inches have to be incredible for portability. It must be easy that allows you to slide it into the sheath and deliver it around. It’s also being easier to use as of the thickness of 0.19 inches blade. This knife is quite versatile.




Strong Construction

Leather Sheath




The Handle is not comfortable.

5) Bench made Fixed Contego 183 Knife: [Check latest price & rating on Amazon]



The version is here to provide you a different revel in with regards to the use of the exceptional knife. It has been cited that the model will be exceptional for tactical use. This need to be due to the styling that come with the knife.


The tanto blade device will work great on the subject of you having more force at the tip. In any such scenario, you have to easily cut via the various kinds of things. It can also be awesome for any tactical application you would possibly think.


The manufacturer assures the customers of finishing up with a high high-quality knife. This should be because of the CPM-S30V chrome steel blade. This type of metallic will provide the exceptional durability at all times. Other than that, you get advanced edge characteristics and rust resistance.


The knife is not going to corrode that without problems. It will constantly give you the performance you desire.


The overall design you’ll discover that it is great. You get a full tang knife if you want to always supply on higher reliability. It does not matter what you want to cut, it will always get the job executed in time.


The model is seen to be always equipped for a few action. The 183 is nicely balanced and should be easy to hold. The molded sheath on the other hand need to help you with carrying the knife. It is also durable, so do not worry about wearing the pointy knife.




Well designed

High quality design

Lifetime warranty

Cons: Expensive


6) SOG Super Bowie Fixed Blade: [Check latest price & rating at amazon]



SOG is not any new emblem in terms of making knives and related products. This is another top overall performance blade that works splendid in terms of various applications that you would possibly think of.


Starting with the handle, from the photographs you may think it is made from wooden or other materials, however it’s far honestly leather-based. The leather cloth is available in hand to offer you that snug sense when using the knife. It also offers the knife a natural appearance that humans love.


The 7.5-inch metal blade should seem lengthy for a few human beings, however it is still incredible. Such a protracted blade should give you more leverage when you have to chop some things. The blade is made the use of the AUS-8 metallic. This kind of steel is fantastic when it comes to average durability. It is going to work splendid over the years.


The blade can also maintain its part for a protracted time. This is ideal as you do not have to keep sprucing the blade all of the time. Also, when you have to sharpen it, the knife in all fairness smooth to address. You should without difficulty sharpen it and maintain the usage of to handle the numerous applications.


As part of the accessories, the knife comes with a leather-based sheath. Having a leather sheath makes it clean to hold the knife to numerous places.




Easy to use

Strong construction

Leather Sheath



It’s quite expensive

7) Cold Steel 39LSF Leatherneck SF: [Check latest price & rating on amazon]



You may be certain to like this model for being correct in terms of performance way to the construction. The blade thickness is .2 inches. It must be thick enough to be a workhorse. You by no means ought to worry that it’s going to bend leaving you with a knife that does not work.


The manufacturer uses the D2 metallic. Do no longer allow these varieties of metal confuse you as what you can make certain is that the version will be stronger. For this blade, it’s going to now easily supply on better sturdiness and also maintain its sharp part for longer.


The ergonomics and texturing are the important features which can make a knife better. If these are finished correctly, then you need to have the pleasant performance. For this model, it comes with the high-quality handle and guard. You could have a clean time the usage of it almost daily because the texturing on the cope with is comfortable.


The handle nonetheless has a pleasing grip that secures the knife on your hand. You can use it to cut various matters and the knife will no longer slip.


The sheath however is made of Kydex material. It ought to assist you with sporting your knife effectively always. No more worries it is probably difficult to hold the sharp knife when the sheath is available.





Strong Sheath

Impressive ergonomics



Sharpening take a bit of a muscle

8) Gerber LMF II Survival Knife [Check latest price & rating on Amazon]



Gerber is a top emblem so having one among its knives is always good. Like for this one, you may use it for survival needs when it comes to trekking or obtainable hunting. Well, you do now not should restrict it to just out of doors use as it may be extremely good for a couple of uses.


The knife is powerful on overall. It additionally comes with a serrated blade part important for numerous situations. For this reason, you can discover the knife getting used for cutting firewood, constructing shelter, or some other thing you’ll want. You can always adapt it to any environment and it will work first rate.


The unique layout of the knife gives it and side over the opposite models at the market proper now. You will locate that it has a pointed buttcap this is manufactured from stainless steel. This is an important layout feature. You can use it to pierce glass in the occasion you’re trapped, let us say in a car.


The model comes with an over molded deal with. This is the sort of manage that should come up with more consolation when the usage of the knife. Thanks to any such design, you by no means need to worry about the blisters. The knife additionally gives you the fine steady grip while the use of the knife.




Comfortable handle

Sheath with Sharpener

Buttcap to pierce the glass



Its heavy Slightly

9) Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife Deluxe Kit: [Check latest price & rating on Amazon]



It’s quite interesting that this model has come through new design. It capabilities the skeletal frame design. For many it makes it have a minimalist look, however at the same time work simply as fine. There is not any doubt that many people will love the manner it appears and works since it is from a top brand.


The blade is crafted from the 420HC steel. This kind of metallic is here to present you the durability like by no means before. You can be sure that the knife can ultimate long sufficient to feel its worth.


The black ceramic coating at the blade performs a critical role too. The coating allows with lowering the mirrored image from the knife. It further facilitates in protective the blade from any instances of corrosion.


There is likewise the diamond texture rubber cope with. The handle having this cloth makes it quite brilliant in grip. You might observe the knife is a chunk small, but thanks to this deal with, you could easily manage it.


You nonetheless get a modular sheath that incorporates it. Such a gadget is crucial for ease of wearing the knife. You can use it for hid or open carry.


There is likewise the neoprene ankle wrap that includes the model. The wrap is available in handy when you have to carry the knife in different positions.




Highly durable

Impressive grip

Ankle wrap as an accessory is great



The ergonomics could have been better

10) Cold Steel 39LRST Recon Scout: [Check latest price & rating on Amazon]



Sometimes a knife does now not should be so complicated. That is what you get with this model. It comes with some of the simple designs you may have visible in knives before. This does not suggest that the knife isn’t great. You will find that the blade form and handle layout work quite well.


For maximum people, they experience the load and overall balance are good. Combine this with a sturdy guard, you ought to then have an excellent blade that you may use today.


The blade is within the proper thickness that you may love using today. It is not too thick or too thin. It must be in a role to serve you higher always.


The producer has to offer it an essential finish for protective it from the elements. The coating is even and must maintain the knife working for longer.


You nevertheless get a hollow in the blade that comes in handy when you have to tie a strap thru it or cling the knife somewhere.


The knife rocks the SK-5 metal. You can simply call it carbon steel. This form of steel will offer you more performance than ever before. It is right here to remaining for a long time to come. The metallic is common in awl heads and other high effect tools.




Comfortable handle

Just the right length




Boring Styling

11) SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade: [Check latest price & rating on Amazon]



This model consists of on the lifestyle of ensuring that the sector can get the first-rate knives out there. You will find maximum of their products proudly owned by way of the military. This just goes to reveal that the version offers on high-quality and performance.


This knife comes with a directly edged knife combined with a newly designed deal with. The handle layout is ergonomic so that it feels as a good-fit within the hand. The deep grooves on the cope with should help plenty with the handling.


Still on the handle, it has the manage glass bolstered to ensure you have the exceptional grip lines. There is not any doubt the usage of this knife just were given easier.


The new blade is made of the AUS-eight steel. This sort of steel is ideal additionally when it comes to durability. You might not must spend numerous money getting yourself a new knife. This one is right here to last.


The blade nevertheless works outstanding and for longer in phrases of retaining its sharpness. In the occasion you have to sharpen it, the process is pretty a breeze.


The nylon sheath accompanies the knife when its miles sold. This sheath provides a place where you may shop the knife. It also has a belt loop attachment for ease of wearing it. You ought to have no hassle carrying the knife greater often.





Allows for an impressive grip



The nylon sheath might not offer the best durability

12) KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife: [Check latest price & rating on Amazon]



When you analyze that the knife is pretty famous a number of the Marine Corps, then you know it is going to be the best. This knife boasts of getting the first-class layout that lets in for the users to discover greater paintings for it. It is the cause you get it, being among the pleasant constant blade knives.


The model comes with a strong manage that feels sturdy. The new layout for the take care of appeals to many people. This should make you feel snug and confident on every occasion you have to use it. You also get it having an ample defensive hilt that must get you the use of the knife comfortably. The flat pommel on other hand will maintain the pin extending via the tang.


The producer claims it to be a Cro-Van metal which you may say it just has more durability. Going into the technical phrases may just confuse people.


As you could see, the construction gives you a extra-long lasting knife as a way to use.


The model functions a 7” straight side blade. This blade should be enough to handle the diverse tasks that you may have in mind.


The quality component is that the threshold does no longer easily get blunt. It must be the steel used to make the version. It can keep its sharpness for longer.




Leather Sheath

Strong construction

Comfortable to hold


Just a few complaints about customer service

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